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My Story

I am Jade Sancho-Duser, the creative mind behind RxMaryJade, a comprehensive personal brand that integrates events, education, product development, life coaching, brand building, and holistic health.


With an extensive background as a licensed wellness professional spanning nearly two decades, I am deeply committed to advancing the fields of plant medicine and holistic health. Through RxMaryJade, I offer a broad array of transformative experiences, including educational workshops and wellness coaching, all designed to enrich the lives of those I work with.

As the CEO of MaryJade Therapeutics and the Founder and Creative Director of Bewitched Branding, I leverage my vast expertise to inspire budding entrepreneurs and assist individuals in navigating the complex cannabis industry. My efforts include leading vocational educational classes with my former group, Rooted Community Education Group, specifically designed for dispensary technicians, reflecting my dedication to cannabis education and empowerment.

My personal battle with fibromyalgia has significantly influenced my holistic approach to wellness and advocacy. The life-changing impact of receiving my New Jersey Medical Marijuana card in 2017 inspired me to transition from a narrative of suffering to one of triumph over chronic pain. This profound personal transformation underpins my commitment to empowering communities, particularly those within the BIPOC and women, through education and support.

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It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society. - Jiddu Krishnamurti

Professional Collaborations and Contributions

I've collaborated with an array of professionals, including pharmacists, athletes, chronic pain warriors, and massage therapists, showcasing my firm belief in the power of holistic health and plant medicine. My educational initiatives, such as the innovative "Take The Confusion Out Of Infusion" Cannabis infusion class, are designed to demystify cannabis use and empower individuals with valuable knowledge.

In addition to building individual brands, my expertise extends to significant contributions within the broader community. I have provided consulting services for the Harvard Psychedelics Club and assisted various brands in developing their personas and community outreach strategies. Currently, I hold the position of Chief Marketing Officer at Ambush and Bloom Consulting, a cannabis branding and licensing consulting agency, where I apply my skills to shape the future of cannabis branding.

Inspired by the life lessons of kindness, mindfulness, and hospitality instilled in me by my grandmothers, both named Mary, I embody the spirit of a modern American shaman. My work transcends mere healing; it's about empowering others to heal themselves, fostering a culture of care, empowerment, and holistic wellness. My efforts have been captured in several e-books and featured across diverse media outlets, furthering my mission to advocate for a healthier, more empowered future for all. Through RxMaryJade, I am dedicated to lighting the path to wellness and success in the cannabis industry and beyond.

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