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Your Anxiety Game Plan in just 30 DAYS

Join Transformational Life Coach & Holistic CBD Educator, Jade, for a Free 30 Day Anxiety Game Plan Challenge

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 Daily Videos with actionable strategies to manage anxiety and stress,  LIVE Q&A bi-weekly sessions, and accountability

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Sneak Peak Access to Our Newest Deals & Offers

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Free Copy of my Stress Busting Supplements Report with my top supplement recommendations based on your goals and health 


Weekly Self-Care Checklist to keep you on track 

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Hi, I’m Jade 👋


I am a Licensed Massage Therapist and Wellness Entrepreneur of 15 years. I focus on understanding what’s going on inside when a patient comes to me. I work through their personal and medical histories, habits, symptoms, pain and more so I can understand the entire narrative and help patients accordingly.

In 2017, started my CBD/Medical Cannabis brand, RxMaryJade, to start sharing what I’ve learned and studied to help you treat and conquer your pain, too. 

I am the Chief Operations Officer at RxMaryJade, a brand focused on providing health and wellness resources to those who are ready to stop ignoring their bodies and start listening to what they have to say. We specialize in providing a holistic cannabis education paired with wellness resources to help people deal with their pain, from the inside out.

In 2020, I decided to launch my Life Coaching program, Jade Heart Healing, to help folks from all walks of life. Jade Heart Healing is my own personal journey wrapped up into a program to show you how I rise up through the difficulties of living with depression, anxiety, and  fibromyalgia.

And I am excited to help you on your journey with self-discovery, pain management, and abundance.

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